Coronavirus: How we keep our patients safe

There is a lot of panic and discussion over the Coronavirus.  People are stealing masks from hospitals and store shelves are sold out of hand sanitizer. We at OneSolution Dental Implant Centers want you to know that you are, and will, continue to be safe coming to our office.

The concept of “clean” means different things in a healthcare setting than it does in the general population. To be “clean” is to remove almost all microorganisms and to be sterile is to remove ALL microorganisms. Our office follows all CDC guidelines to make sure we keep both our employees and our patients safe through strict sterilization techniques. We spend our day washing our hands with antimicrobial soap in-between each patient, which further minimizes the risk of transmission. As well, we use professional-grade germicidal cleaners on all the surfaces between seating each patient in treatment and consultation rooms. CaviWipes are also used on surfaces, which are effective against many microorganisms and kill most viruses.

Our office closely monitors the results of microorganism testing. All of our instruments are bagged and sterilized in a steam autoclave. Our autoclave is tested for sterilization and we keep a log of all results of the testing. Each bag has an indicator that shows if the instruments were properly sterilized and are opened in front of each patient. Our staff makes sure to use the CDC recommended personal protection equipment which includes gloves, gowns, safety goggles, and hair bonnets. We will give you a pair of safety goggles that are cleaned after every use. Our staff has also been instructed to stay home if feeling unwell. Our office incorporates an exhaust system to purify the air using HEPA air filtration. Reach out to OneSolution® Dental Implant Centers at 877-421-0584 to schedule your next hygiene visit or complimentary consultation!

In order for you to keep yourself healthy, you can take some of your own measures, which include keeping your mouth healthy.  Did you know that saliva is one of your body’s best defenses against disease-causing organisms? Your saliva contains antibodies that attack viral pathogens such as the cold, flu and even HIV.  It contains enzymes that destroy bacteria in different ways, by degrading bacterial membranes, disrupting viral bacterial enzyme systems and inhibiting the growth of certain bacteria. A healthy mouth has been proven to protect you from cardiovascular disease, stroke, and bacterial pneumonia.

Through proper hand washing, a balanced diet, and a clean healthy mouth, you can support your immune system and take preventative measures to protect you and your family from the coronavirus. Call us today at 877-421-0584 to schedule your next hygiene visit or a complimentary consultation.