Choosing dental implants is truly a life-changing decision. If you are missing many, or all of your teeth, or have teeth that are severely broken down or decayed, no dental treatment can match the advantages of dental implants.

Although dental implants were initially developed as a technique for replacing one to three missing teeth, their applications have since evolved into numerous different treatment options. One such option is what is known as an “implant-retained denture.” This type of denture—which may be removable or permanently fixed in the mouth—attaches to several implants placed in an arch where no teeth are present. This represents a tremendous improvement over traditional dentures, which often have poor retention, stability, and strength. What’s more, maxillary (upper) implant-retained dentures no longer have to cover the palate, thanks to the excellent retention they receive by attaching to the implants.

dental implants offer the best of all worlds—new teeth in a single day, from a prosthesis that never has to be removed, that looks, feels, and works just like natural teeth.

The procedure consists of placing several implants at strategic locations in the edentulous arch. This can be done under sedation, such that patients can essentially sleep through the entire process. Coinciding with the placement of the implants, a dental prosthesis is made in-house at our state-of-the-art dental laboratory. This prosthesis, a complete arch of strong and highly aesthetic teeth, is immediately attached to the implants.

Although functional and aesthetic, this first prosthesis is considered to be an interim treatment until a more permanent denture is delivered several months later. The interim prosthesis allows patients the benefits of a beautiful smile as the implants heal and become permanently fused with the bone. Once this process is complete, a denture fabricated from zirconia—the strongest dental material available—is permanently affixed to the implants.