Dr. Pham, of Friedman Dental Group, says hello! A big THANK YOU to Dr. Pham for helping our community during this time!

Dr. Pham, local Prosthodontist at Friedman Dental Group in Plantation, FL, says hello as she is preparing to service a patient with a dental emergency during the Coronavirus crisis. Her service has helped alleviate the patient load at local hospitals for dental related visits and she is a #CoronavirusHero. This noble act has helped reduce the transmission of the virus as well as conserve the critically important PPE resources at local hospitals.

A hero is “a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities” (Merriam-Webster, 2020) and today, with the threat of the transmission of Coronavirus, you don’t have to go far to find one. We are used to seeing Hollywood heroes, like Batman and Spiderman, concealing their identity behind epic costumes, but today, our real everyday heroes are stepping out in plain sight and they have traded those costumes for uniforms, capes for surgical gowns, and are wearing face masks of a different kind.

Friedman Dental Group patient, Stan, working at a local hospital during the Coronavirus crisis. THANK YOU Stan!

A Friedman Dental Group patient, Stan, is pictured as he is preparing for an ultrasound at a local hospital. Here is amazing example of a #CoronavirusHero and we thank him for supporting our community during this time.

Our community is filled with these heroes, especially since our daily tasks have now become an act of pure bravery. Things, like stocking the local grocery store shelf, wiping down carts, preparing food for takeout, delivering packages, and showing up to work everyday despite the impending threat, is considered a noble and courageous act.

This act of bravery extends to those treating dental emergency patients to reduce dental related emergency room visits. We look to these people for strength and reassurance during times like these. We desperately look to them for a sense of normalcy. These are our local heroes of Coronavirus and if you pay close attention, you’ll find them popping up everywhere.

Farley, a OneSolution® Surgical Assistant, pictured while preparing for an emergency dental surgery at the Friedman Dental Group office during the Coronavirus crisis. Without him, our doctors wouldn’t have access to the resources they need during procedures. For this reason, we thank him and acknowledge that he is truly a #CoronavirusHero.

Farley, a OneSolution® Surgical Assistant, says hello! THANK YOU Farley!

The interesting thing about this time of uncertainty, is that it has lifted the veil and opened our eyes to see that these heroes have been serving our community this entire time. They have always been here for us and always will be, long after this is all over. You may not realize it, but you are a local hero of Coronavirus too. Even if it might be in the smallest ways like: practicing social distancing, wearing gloves and a mask while shopping, buying groceries for your family members, and avoiding the hospital for your dental emergency. You are doing something courageous and noble and we celebrate you!

Local community heroes caught in the act of practicing social distancing at Trader Joes in Fort Lauderdale, FL to protect community from the transmission of COVID-19.

Together, we make the decision to say, thank you, more often. Return our shopping carts to the places they belong. Wave to our neighbors and lend a helping hand. Let the people in the community know that we appreciate them. Take better care of ourselves. Share a smile with a stranger. If we do this right, the world we return to can be a happier, friendlier, and all around a better place. It’s our local heroes that make the difference, change our communities, and save the day! For these reasons, we celebrate you! We thank you for keeping us safe and helping us get through this uncertain time.

If you know of a local hero you would like to honor, you can submit a photo to us on social media or at marketing@friedmandentalgroup.com. As you know, Friedman Dental Group is open to support you and your families by providing video consultations, dental emergency exams, and any essential dental treatment. If you or someone you know is in need of emergency dental services, please reach out to us before visiting the emergency room at 877-421-0584.

Sidewalk chalk art captured at Jackson North Memorial Hospital in North Miami Beach, FL during the Coronavirus crisis.